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Reuters: World News

Far-right sympathizer suspected of killing German pro-migrant politician (Mon, 17 Jun 2019)
A man arrested in Germany on suspicion of murdering a senior local politician known for pro-migrant views was a far-right sympathizer, the Federal Prosecutor's Office said on Monday.
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Iran accuses Saudis of militaristic approach in Middle East (Mon, 17 Jun 2019)
Iran accused its main regional rival Saudi Arabia on Monday of adopting a "militaristic, crisis-based approach" for accusing Tehran of carrying out last week's attack on two oil tankers at the entrance to the Gulf.
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Russia thwarts U.S. cyber attacks on its infrastructure: news agencies (Mon, 17 Jun 2019)
Russia has uncovered and thwarted attempts by the United States to carry out cyber attacks on the control systems of Russian infrastructure, Russian news agencies cited an unnamed security source as saying on Monday.
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Iran says it will breach nuclear deal enrichment limit, U.S. denounces 'blackmail' (Mon, 17 Jun 2019)
Iran announced on Monday it would breach uranium enrichment limits in 10 days in a move that drew an accusation of "nuclear blackmail" from Washington, but it added that European nations still had time to save the nuclear deal that sets those curbs.
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Iran 'nuclear blackmail' must be met with international pressure: White House (Mon, 17 Jun 2019)
Iran's plan to exceed internationally agreed curbs on its stock of low-enriched uranium amount to "nuclear blackmail" and must be met with increased international pressure, a White House National Security Council spokesman said on Monday.
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